Two Hawks Brewing Co. is a nano brewery located in the Ottawa Valley. With close ties to the military, we strive to create beers that are perfect for sitting around the campfire telling “back in my day” stories. Each beer we craft is specifically made to our standards: Light on the hops, Canadian malts, and something we would drink all night.

Each batch is brewed using as many Canadian products as possible in an effort to support the country we selflessly serve.

Two Hawks Brewing Company is proud to announce that we are now working with the V-42 Foundation. We donate a portion of all sales of our D.D. Amber Ale to The V-42 Foundation. The V-42 Foundation is a Canadian registered charity that supports the members and families of CANSOF. Many of our friends have been supported by this great organization over the years.

This is our way of giving back and saying thank you.

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