Amber Ale 
6.0% alc./vol

Call it a flash bang, a nine bang, or distraction device, the DD goes by many names. Highly effective at its job and utilized by police and military all over the world. the letters DD have many different meanings. They also happen to be the initials of one of the hardest hitters in the business. This beer comes at you soft and smooth but hits you hard in the end. Not to be taken lightly.

A lightly hopped easy to drink amber ale. Pairs great with friends and family around a campfire.

The Defense!

4.7% alc.vol

Our take on a classic Czech pilsener. We use two malt types and classic Czech Saaz hops to create a light easy drinking pilsner. Beautifully crafted for summer drinking on the patio, or climbing a mountain to assault it from the behind. you do you.


Canadian Style Porter
5.0% alc. vol

What makes our porter Canadian Style? Well to start it was brewed right here in Canada. This dark and toasty beer has hints of coffee and a deep smokey flavour. Made especially for sipping on those cold winter nights, sitting in front of the fireplace with a good book.


The name is the style.

5.0% Alc.Vol


A German style wheat beer made for drinking after a navigation exercise in the middle of Suffield in late July surrounded by the Alberta prairies. Remember keep the red in the bed, trust your compass and don’t chase the needle.