College Station, Texas in 2017 is where the idea for Two Hawks Brewing was conceptualized, discussed and agreed upon. Most great ideas start with a beer in our hands and one simple thought: It can’t be that hard.

Tom and Nick started Two Hawks with a goal of bringing Petawawa and area high quality small batch beer. The recipes had one goal in mind, beer you can drink all night. We never particularly liked IPA’s, and the market has been saturated with them, so Two Hawks went in a different direction. Easy on the hops, concentrate on the flavour of the malts. We have stuck to this mantra throughout our time and have had great successes with it. Two Hawks Brewing Company is based out of a garage in Laurentian Valley, Ontario. It is one of four breweries in the area.

Both Tom and Nick are current serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces and started their careers as Infantrymen, Tom in the PPCLI and Nick in the RCR. Both are still currently serving in Petawawa. In between training and deployments, there’s a good chance you will see us in the brewery if you stop by.

In 2020 Two hawks added our third member to the team. Jolan is a team member of the Canadian Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team, a Paralympian, and our social media guru. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen her posts or talked to her as she answers 90% of our messages.

Our goal is to continue to bring you the beer you have all come to enjoy, and one day open an actual tap house for you to visit. Until then feel free to stop by the brewery for pickup anytime we’re open. We look forward to seeing you.